Winner of the category “Best VFX” 2016: Rise FX


More precisely, the Berlin-based company Rise | Visual Effects Studio was responsible for the roughly 360 shots involved in the 10-minute “Lagos heist sequence”. The multifaceted VFX work done by Rise was carried out at an exceptionally high level and garnered the immediate admiration of the animago jury across the board.

The biggest challenge facing Rise on this project was the sheer variety of tasks; the Lagos sequence called for the creation of assorted digi-doubles, FX simulations, body extensions, CG weapons, set extensions and much more. The extremely high number of CG characters, effects and environments meant that Rise was faced with a new level of complexity; in fact, so much happens with the effects in each frame that it’s hard to even comprehend it all at first glance.

Seeing as Rise had already worked on other Marvel productions – in particular on the “Captain America” films – it was clear from the beginning that the German studio would be on board again for the effects on “Civil War”. For such a big project, the Lidar services offered by the Rise subsidiary Pointcloud9 were highly beneficial, especially for the CG environments.

Atlanta becomes Lagos

The Lagos sequence was actually shot in Atlanta, Georgia; only after the post-production process would the original backplates look like the Nigerian megacity. For the creation of the huge Lagos environment, the team organised a visit to Puerto Rico, where they shot textures and plates and did some Lidar scanning. Rise then developed environment replacements and enhancements using previs created for the sequence by The Third Floor.

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